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Frequently Asked Questions2023-04-14T13:21:00-04:00

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Best-in-class elevator interiors
  • Quick installation
  • Cost effective
  • Excellent customer service
Why should I choose Quick Cab over other cab interiors?2023-04-07T13:52:30-04:00

Quick Cab was developed to provide a Quality manufactured elevator interior, available at a reasonable Price and provided with the highest level of Service from the quote process through the final fastener being installed.

What is the lead time for Quick Cab?2023-04-07T11:02:01-04:00

2 days for quotes, 2 weeks for drawing creation, 6-8 weeks after drawing approval to ship standard cabs.

What materials can I choose from for my Quick Cab?2023-04-07T11:02:45-04:00

Quick Cab is available in just about any material that meets fire code.

Are the vertical panels truly vertical or are they grooved horizontal panels?2023-03-08T14:13:02-05:00

All Quick Cab vertical panels are just that, a true vertical panel that is secured in the cab using our patented Dura-Spline.

What is included with my Quick Cab package?2023-04-07T11:03:33-04:00

The Quick Cab package includes shop drawings, photo realistic presentation board, sample chips, handrails (up to 3 per cab), and pad studs.

Can I get technical drawings or material samples?2023-03-08T14:13:44-05:00

As soon as your Quick Cab order form is submitted we will generate shop drawings for your approval. Finish samples are available on request.

Is a ceiling included with the Quick Cab?2023-03-08T14:14:06-05:00

Ceilings are not included as part of the Quick Cab package, but if ordered at the same time as the Quick Cab, they will be shipped together. Ceilings are also available as a standalone item for upgrades or to replace a damaged or outdated ceiling. Please see the ceiling section on the web page directory.

Do you offer new cladding for the front wall of the cab?2023-03-08T14:14:28-05:00

Door and front wall claddings are available with or without a Quick Cab, but if ordered with the Quick Cab they will be shipped at the same time. Another option is to use a local metal refinishing company to restore your existing metals. Please call if you need help finding one in your area.

How long does it take to install my Quick Cab?2023-03-08T14:14:52-05:00

Quick Cab typically takes 2-4 hours per cab after demolition.

What tools are needed to install my Quick Cab?2023-03-08T14:15:16-05:00

A drill, 1/8 inch and 1/2 inch drill bit, screw gun, measuring tape, rubber mallet and caulking gun. Suction cups (if available) are also helpful for handling the panels as they are installed.

Do you have a Quick Cab installation video?2023-03-08T14:18:27-05:00

We have installation videos, and can send out a Quick Cab representative to help in training your mechanics on the first Quick Cab you install.

Is additional installation help available?2023-03-08T14:16:16-05:00

If additional help is required, please contact us directly to make arrangements or ask questions.

How much weight will a Quick Cab add to my elevator?2023-03-08T14:16:58-05:00
Will my new interior comply with all building codes and fire ratings?2023-03-08T14:17:22-05:00

Yes, Quick Cab is manufactured to meet the highest quality standards and comply with current Federal, State and Local elevator code requirements.


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